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When you join Clark County Fire District 13, you join a long and honorable tradition of citizens who have chosen to make a difference. All over the country, volunteers are making an impact on their local government. In Fire District 13, our volunteers also choose to make a difference in their community.  We value the service you are willing to provide and please realize how essential you are to the success of our fire district.


As a Volunteer Firefighter serving the citizens of Clark County Fire District 13, a benefit of your volunteer effort will be your positive impact on the safety of residents and visitors to our community and surrounding areas. By volunteering you enhance the levels and types of quality services that Clark County Fire District 13 provides.


During the course of your Volunteer Firefighter training, you will become familiar with operational policies and procedures and training standards that will serve as a foundation in the development of your skills as a firefighter. 


Fire District 13 has two primary volunteer categories, volunteer firefighter and volunteer support firefighter.  Volunteer firefighters are trained to NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications and are fully qualified structural firefighters.  Support firefighters are for members who do not want to do interior structural firefighting but still want to serve their community.  Support members have several options including driving and operating the fire apparatus, becoming a WA State EMT, becoming a wildland firefighter, or any number of available options and combinations.  

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