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Clark County Fire District 13 operates two fire stations staffed by volunteer firefighters, part-time firefighters, and two full-time employees. Firefighters are trained at both basic and advanced firefighter capabilities which may include; structural firefighting, basic emergency medical service, wildland firefighting, hazardous materials, water rescue, vehicle extrication, basic rope rescue, public education, inspection and life safety visitations, driving and operating fire apparatus, the national incident management system, and fire officer training.  Training for the wide variety of emergency operations is the strength of our district, as a volunteer you will have opportunities to explore your interests. 
Volunteer firefighters are the backbone of our fire district.  Without volunteer firefighters we would not be able to serve our citizens and continue to meet the mission of the fire district.  The primary functions of the administrative staff are to ensure the staffing of the district and to support the volunteer firefighters by providing them the tools and knowledge to do their jobs. 
Fire District 13’s two fire stations are located in the Town and Yacolt and the Sunset Falls / Dole Valley area of the district.  The fire station in Yacolt is the shared headquarters for both the fire district and North Country EMS (NCEMS), called Station 131.  NCEMS and the fire district are two separate public agencies.  In efforts to reduce costs, it is beneficial to our citizens for NCEMS and the fire district to reside together in the same station.  Station 131 has two fire engines, Engine-51 (E-51) and Engine 55 (E-55), one squad, Squad 51 (S-51), one brush engine, Brush 51 (B-51), and one water tender, Tender 51 (WT-51).  Our second station is Station 50 and is located on NE Sunset Fall Rd. just across from where NE Dole Valley Rd. intersects with it.  Station 50 has one fire engine, Engine 50 (E-50) and one water tender, Tender 50 (WT-50).  The district also has two command vehicles and hosts the regional emergency communications resource unit.

Administrative Chief Bryce Shirley

360-686-3271 Office




Operations Chief Chuck Andrus

360-686-3271 Office


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